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Firefighter Dragon Gift - Incomplete-ish by duos-deathscythe
Firefighter Dragon Gift - Incomplete-ish
It looks a bit shoddy because after I started working on it in Photoshop, I began having issues with carpal tunnel. I (and I am sure that you guys can too) can nitpick so many things that need fixed but she said that it was good enough.
But she is a volunteer fire fighter and wanted a drawing of a dragon with the fireman's cross and I did her one better by Photoshopping it. I haven't touched Photoshop in YEARS, so not only is this incomplete in my eyes but it was also a test.

Also, when all else fails and you are not sure what category to pick...why not 'Other'? :P
What has been seen cannot be unseen... by duos-deathscythe
What has been seen cannot be unseen...
This is what I am going to hell for.
One week cabin fever does bad things to the human brain.
Daryl from the Walking Dead as Sailor Moon. Yeah...heard hell is warm this time of year!
It is...3:48 am, EDT and I have picked up some awful sleeping habits. Wake up at 7 am, work 8-3, come home and sleep from between 4 to anywhere between 6-10, stay up until 2-5 am, sleep, and get up for work again. It's funny, last night was the first time I slept a "normal person's" hours in a while and I slept awful. So now here I am in the wee hours of the morning, on a work night, writing a journal entry on my bad sleeping habits.
But in other news, been drawing things like crazy these passed few days. Actually filled up a sketchbook (and by "filled up", I mean drew on every other me OCD) of pieces drawn from other peoples' fanfiction that I have been engrossed in. Since all of it is Walking Dead fanart (well, minus one for my own original Boondock Saints fanfic, "Centerfold") featuring Daryl (/Murphy), aka Norman Reedus (*ovary explosion*), one viewer of my work suggested that I mail my sketchbook off as a gift to Mr. Reedus once it is complete. At first I was a little leery...I mean, you guys have see the work. But they said that he is really into his fans and such, which I have seen for myself too...but...well, yeah. lol
Hell, I would be flattered if someone drew me naked with another woman. It's art! Like what Sally Jupiter (original Silk Spectre) from Watchmen spoke of, her little porno comic (Tijuana bible). At the very least, maybe he will get a laugh out of it. XD is now 4:09 am, better get my three hours of sleep in before I have to go to work. I want to also thank you guys, before I clonk out, for the favs and views and badges (I still don't know wtf those things really are..."BACK IN MY DAY, WE DIDN'T HAVE NONE OF THESE HERE LLAMA BADGES!") and other stuff that I am unable to think about right now. Continue to be awesome. <3


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Been drawing for sooo many years. Took a hiatus for a looong time, coinciding with my relation with my now-ex. Now in all of my free time, I have gotten back into drawing and fic-writing. Sadly, not messed with Photoshop in years.

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